There Is No Such Thing As 100% Down

A product that claims to be 100% down is lying to you. There is simply no such thing as a 100% down comforter or jacket or sleeping bag. The surprising reason is that...

New Comforter Wrinkled and Not Fluffy?

A new comforter has been sitting in it's packaging for at least a few days, and sometimes a few months. This can lead to wrinkles and compacted fill. There are a few ways to fix this problem and make your new comforter soft, fluffy and wrinkle free.

Black and White Comforters You Need To Consider Buying

A black and white comforter is a classic, sophisticated look for a bedroom. We've gathered some amazing black and white comforters that you need to see when shopping for new bedding.

Macy's Comforter Sets Review

Is Macy's a good place to get a comforter set? How do Macy's comforter sets compare to other brands? Are you getting a good value? Quality?

Puredown Comforter Review

Everything you need to know about Puredown comforter sets and bedding materials.

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