The Best Heavy Comforters

It seems like all bedding companies are trying to create the most light-weight comforters. Well I have some news for them; some of us like our comforters heavy! If you are like me, you want a good heavy comforter. I've done the research, and these are the best heavy comforter sets.

These heavy comforter sets will keep you warm. They are made from high quality materials and will last for many years. These are not the light-weight "feel like you're sleeping under a cloud" comforters. These are comforters that you will feel and know when they are on top of you.

Here are the best heavy comforters.

Holy Lamb Organics Super Heavy Wool Comforter

If you want a quality heavy comforter, there is no material better than wool. Wool is naturally the heaviest comforter material. Wool is dense and has a feel similar to a heavy blanket. It's also great at naturally regulating temperature and wicking away moisture. A quality wool comforter will be heavy, but will also ensure that you do not overheat or wake up drenched in sweat.

This is the heaviest comforter on this list. It's an extra warm wool comforter that weighs fourteen pounds for a queen size. This is a very thick comforter. The material is high quality, organic wool. Holy Lamb Organics comforters are made in the USA.

This is a buy-it-for-life product. If you purchase this comforter, it will last a long time. however, the price you pay is also going to reflect that. These comforters are not cheap.

If you are looking for a top of the line comforter, this is the one to get. Personally, I ended up getting a cheaper comforter. If I had the money, this would have been my first choice, but the price difference between this and other, lower quality wool was just too much.

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KingLinen 100% Austrialia Wool Extra Weight Comforter

This is the comforter I liked the best. This KingLinen Australian Wool comforter is a good quality wool comforter. The comforter is designed to be extra heavy. The wool is hand picked to ensure the highest quality. The stitched design of this comforter ensures that the wool stays in place and cold spots do not appear over time. The cover of this comforter is 300 count 100% cotton. This is a good quality cotton that complements the natural features of wool.

The price of this comforter is very reasonable. It's a good quality product for a price that isn't going to set you back very much. Especially considering that you will probably be using this comforter every since day.

One thing to note is that this is a dry-clean only product.

This wool comforter weighs eight pounds for the queen size.

This is my favorite heavy weight comforter and one that I highly recommend. If you want a few more wool comforter recommendations, check out our list of the best wool comforters. These are naturally going to be heavier than most other comforters simply because they are wool.

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Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket

A heavy blanket is a smart alternative to getting a heavy comforter. A heavy wool blanket can be used instead of a comforter. It can also be used to put on top of a light-weight comforter to add extra warmth and heat. If you live somewhere with warm summers and cold winters, it is a good idea to have a summer comforter/blanket and then when winter comes around you add a second heavy and extra warm blanket to your bed.

Pendleton is a well know American company that has been making wool products for generations. They are the highest quality American wool company and their products show it. Whether you are buying a wool blanket or a wool shirt, if it has the Pendleton logo on it it will be high quality. I own a number of their products and they are all great.

Pendleton makes a large number of wool blankets so you should be able to find a pattern and color that you like. As stated above, wool is the best material to look for when looking for a heavy comforter or blanket. Pendleton's blankets weigh around six pounds for a queen size. This is heavier than many comforters.

Personally I like their light colored, Eco-Wise brand blanket.

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Natural Comfort Heavy Fill Goose Down Alternative Comforter

If you are looking for something other than wool, this down alternative comforter is a good bet. It's fill is 100% polyester, which means it is hypoallergenic and warm. The comforter cover is 100% cotton so it is soft on your skin. This comforter is machine washable and easy to care for. The material is fluffy and similar to a traditional down comforter. This is a warm comforter that is more affordable than the wool comforters above.

This comforter weight 8.4 pounds. This is heavier than most other down alternative comforters.

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Other materials, such as down are not going to be good choices for a heavy comforter. Down is specially prized for being light and fluffy. Silk is also prized for being a lightweight material. Cotton may work OK, but if you want heavy, you should really consider a heavy wool comforter. For more information, check out our wool comforter guide.