Top Silk Comforters Of 2017

Silk is an amazingly soft material. It's natural, sustainable, hypoallergenic and luxurious. A silk comforter will add a special layer of comfort to any bed. Silk is lightweight and very breathable. It is soft and naturally resistant to fire, bugs and mold. Because of this natural resistance, silk is often sold untreated by harmful chemicals. Organic and natural silk products are common.

As a comforter silk offers all of these benefits. A silk comforter will wrap itself around your body when you lay underneath it. It provides a pleasant snug feeling. Silk comforters tend to be thinner and do not fluff the way down comforters do. Silk is not as warm as down, but neither is anything else. Silk is warmer than cotton or wool.

This is a list of the best silk comforters of 2017. All of these silk comforters are a great deal for their price. Each of these silk comforters is popular and highly recommended for their luxury, warmth and all the great characteristics of silk.

Mulberry Silk All Season Comforter

The Mulberry Silk Company was one of the first companies to offer high quality mulberry silk comforters. They specialize in quality silk comforters that are sought by those with allergies and those who enjoy lightweight bedding.

This comforter is box quilted ensuring that the silk stays where it needs to. It is able to keep you warm without being heavy. Though a little more pricey than some other silk comforters, the Mulberry Silk Company has a reputation and history of providing quality products and also providing quality service. When you purchase one of these comforters you are buying from a company you can trust.

Winter Mulberry Silk Comforter

Silk is a lightweight material, and though it is great at keeping you warm, many silk comforters are made for warmer weather. This is because consumers who are unfamiliar with silk do not trust a thin comforter to keep them warm during the coldest months.

This is a top of the line winter silk comforter that is more affordable than many other less warm silk comforters. It does not clump or slide around, ensuring a warm night. This is a great comforter for someone who wants something a little better at regulating heat than down. This comforter is warm, but will not overheat like some winter down comforters tend to do.

It comes in all the standard sizes, California king, king, queen, full and twin.

All Season Silk Comforter

This is another warmer silk comforter. It is a four season comforter, meaning it should be usable all year around. Now, this is not always true, it partially depends on how warm and cold your climate gets. This comforter is warmer than most of the others on this list.

It is 100% mulberry silk with a quality jacquard cotton cover. This cover is smooth and quality. Cotton covers also offer a high level or durability.

This comforter is great for those who like to be warm, but still want the light weight of silk. As with all quality silk comforters, it is breathable and will wick away moisture. This is an ideal silk comforter for those who live in colder weather and want the benefits of silk but also want to be warm at night.

SmartSILK Asthma and Allergy Friendly Comforter

I mentioned previously that silk is hypoallergenic. If you ever noticed that you get sick, irritated or cough a lot when in bed, you may be allergic to your comforter. Down comforters can have mold or dust settle inside of them, irritating some individuals. Silk is mold and dust resistant, so it is a great material for those who have allergies or asthma.

This silk comforter is certified asthma and allergy safe.

This comforter is sometimes sold in CostCo, but not always. It is not a winter comforter, but does have all the qualities one should expect in a good silk comforter; warmth, breathability, etc. If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, irritation or asthma, this comforter can be a great purchase.

Unlike some other silk comforters, this one is also machine washable.

Silk Camel Comforter

This is one of the most popular summer silk comforters. It is very lightweight at around 4lbs, but because it is filled with 100% long-strand mulberry silk it does a great job at keeping in warmth. As with all silk, it is great for those with allergies or those who worry about dust mites and mold. Silk naturally repels all of those.

This comforter is very breathable due to the criss cross patterns of the silk within the comforter itself. This type of pattern allows moisture to escape while heat stays trapped, keeping you warm.

This is a thin comforter and is great for those who do not like heavy blankets or bedding materials. It is great for warmer climates and for the summer, but you will probably want something warmer for winter. The comforter conforms to your body, draping itself over you.