Top Wool Comforters Of 2017

A wool comforter can be a great investment. Wool is a durable, natural fiber that does not have to be treated with harsh chemicals. A good wool duvet is going to be soft and pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and very breathable. It can be difficult to choose a wool comforter, so we have made your life a little easier by reviewing and compiling a list of the very best wool comforters available in 2017. This list shows you which wool comforters are the best value for your dollar and the best investment for a good night's sleep.

Luxury Wool Comforters

Organic Merino Wool Comforter

organic wool comforter

When it comes to quality wool comforters, this one is top of the line. This ivory colored comforter is made from pure organic merino wool Merino wool is one of the highest quality wools available. Merino wool is so soft that it is used in high-end clothing. This comforter is good for four seasons. Wool has the natural ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The outside of this merino wool comforter is made from high quality 100% organic cotton. A high quality cotton is both soft and durable. This is a great mid-weight comforter.

Handmade Three-Season Wool Comforter

handmade wool comforter

This is another high-end organic wool comforter. It is machine washable and handmade in the USA. When you buy products made in the USA you know that you are getting something made with good labor practices and high quality materials. This comforter is meant to be a three season comforter, great for summer and the warmer months. It is ideal for people who tend to sleep warm or live in warm locations.

The outside is organic cotton. The edges are double stitched to prevent the wool from shifting.

Extra Warm Wool comforter

 holy lambwool comforter

Holy Lamb Organics is the company that makes these comforters by hand in the USA. They sell regular temperature and these extra warmth wool comforters. These are organic wool with 100% organic cotton on the outside. They are great for the absolute coldest months. If you are someone that has trouble staying warm at night, this is going to be a life changing purchase.

Great Value Wool Comforters

Australian Wool Jacquard Comforter

australian wool comforter

This is a premium extra weight Australian wool comforter. It is durable, breathable and soft. This comforter can be used during winter, but is not the warmest comforter on the list. If you tend to get cold at night you might have to sue a second blenket for a thicker duvet cover to go with this comforter.

This comforter includes stitched compartments which keep the wool from shifting. The outside is a 100% cotton jacquard cover.

New Zealand Wool Comforter

new zealand wool comforter

New Zeland is known for their high quality wool. This is a great mid-range wool comforter. Made with pure New Zealand wool, this comforter has a unbleached, combed cotton outside. This comforter includes an anti-microbial treatment, which combined with the natural wool characteristics will ensure that bacteria and mold stay away from your bed.

Pure Wool Filled Comforter

pure wool comforter

This comforter is filled with quality Australian wool. The outside shell is 100% cotton. The comforter is quilted to ensure that the wool does not shift. If you want to try out a cheaper wool comforter this is going to be your best bet. It is not as high in quality as some of the others on this list, but it does have all the benefits of a pure wool comforter: breathable, hypoallergenic and good at controlling warmth. It's a great comforter to get if you are unsure that you really want a wool comforter.

The above listings are generally for a full/queen sized comforter, but most of them come in twin and king sizes. As with most comforters you should think about getting a duvet cover for your comforter to help it stay clean.