Black and White Comforters You Need To Consider Buying

A black and white comforter set is sleek, sophisticated and mature. A black and white bedroom set creates a level of modern adulthood that is unmatched. It's a cool clean look that goes well with many different types of bedrooms. If you are interested in a modern look for your bedroom, consider getting rid of the colors and sticking to classic black and white.

Black and white pasterns include sharp edges and bold lines to create a feeling of minimalism. If your bedroom is full of clutter, getting a minimalist looking comforter can help.

Just because there are no colors does not mean that black and white is boring. Quite the opposite. A design using a bunch of colors will be safe and uninspired. The design will focus on the color and not the patterns. A design using only black and white will need to use unique and original patterns to create feeling. A well designed black and white pattern will create emotion and be memorable for those who see it. It will stand apart.

If you are shopping for a black and white colored comforter, be sure to take a look at the following. These are quality comforters that should not be missed.

Black and White Chevron

A nice zig-zag pattern on a 100% cotton duvet cover set. It's machine washable and comes with buttons instead of a zipper. It comes with a 300 thread count and is good quality. The design is simple enough that it will not overpower the room. It's not too loud, but is distinct enough to set a certain sophisticated mood.

Black Vines On White Comforter

Nice rounded vine/plant design on a white comforter. The 9 piece set includes a comforter, 2 shams, 1 bedskirt, 2 Euro shams, 2 square cushions and a breakfast cushion. The pillow covers for the decorative pillows are all removable and easy to wash.

Chezmoi Collection Black Flower Set/a>

Most black and white comforters aim for a certain design or pattern. This 7-piece set shows a set of black flowers drawn on a white background. It almost looks like a pencil drawing that one would see hanging in a picture frame. The flowers give the bed a slightly more feminine touch than many of the other black and white comforters you will find. This is much more neutral and artistic than some of the gaudy bright pink comforters that are targeted at women shoppers.

Wavey White and Black Design

An interesting design with white waves across a black background broken up by white vertical stripes. The quality is quite good and the price is also fair. All the items in the comforter set are smooth and soft. There is a gray color added to part of this design, but it's mostly black and white.

Simple, Cheap Black and White Stripes

This is a simple stripped pattern. The duvet cover is made from 100% polyester microfiber, meaning it is hassle-free and easy to wash. It includes two pillow shams and is great for college students looking to add a bit of sophistication to their dorms. The price is great and the easy maintenance cannot be beat.

Tribeca Living Prague 12-Piece Cotton Set

A 12-piece bed set, ivory in color with black and gray design. 100% cotton. This set includes a bit more pillows than what I like to have, but beyond that it's great.