The Best Bamboo Duvet Covers

A bamboo duvet cover will change the way you sleep. Find out the pros and cons for bamboo bedding and see the highest rated bamboo duvet covers for any price range. You'll be surprised at how good some of these deals are.

Down Comforter Warmth Comparison Calculator

An interesting description of measuring down warmth using a few different formulas and calculators. Find how warm down comforters and sleeping bags really are using this down comforter warmth calculator.

Ray Jardine Formula Calculator

The well known sleeping bag warmth calculator developed by outdoor expert Ray Jardine.

Top Rated 100% Cotton High Thread Count Duvet Covers Of 2017

Ten highest quality high thread count duvet covers for any budget. Check out this review of the best high thread count 100% cotton duvet covers from 2017.

White or Color Bed For AirBnB Host

The most important thing in an AirBnB room is the bed. Make sure your bedding is the correct color for your guests. The wrong color bed can cost you money!

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