The Best Down Alternative Comforter For Allergies

Do you sneeze or get a runny nose when in bed? Do you find yourself having itchy or watery eyes? Do you get headaches in the morning? Any of these could be due to comforter allergies.

For some people, bedding allergies show up immediately. As soon as they lay down under the covers they start to get an allergic reaction. But for a lot of people, their allergies are not as strong. It's hard to know of sure that you are allergic to your comforter. Even a doctor will have trouble giving you a definitive answer, because there are so many different things that can cause bedding allergies. These include dust, mites, feathers, chemicals, etc. It's very difficult for a doctor to test for all of these.

If you are having trouble sleeping and suspect that comforter allergies might be the problem, the best solution is to invest in a high quality, hypoallergenic comforter.

Down alternative comforters are specifically designed to have all the best qualities of a luxury down comforter, but without the allergies.

We did the research and found the best down alternative comforters for those who have allergies.

Utopia Bedding Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter

This comforter is the best selling down alternative comforter on It's an amazing value at less than $35 dollars. For most people that is cheaper than going to the doctor to see if you even have an allergy to something.

The quality of this comforter is very surprising. I initially thought that for $35 the product would feel rough or cheap, but it doesn't at all. It feel like a really nice quality comforter. It's soft and has box style stitching and is easily cared for because it is machine washable.

When my mother started to develop an allergy to her old down comforter that she had for many years, this is the comforter that I bought her. At first she was hesitant to give up her old comforter. It's hard for some people to change. But as soon as she switched to the Utopia Bedding comforter, she seemed to be ten years younger. The reason is that she was sleeping so much better because he allergies were gone.

Once she noticed how much better she felt, my mother got rid of her old down comforter and never looked back. She was very happy with this Utopia Bedding comforter, and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Superior Extra Warm Down Alternative Comforter

If you have a cold bedroom or have cold winters, then the Utopia Bedding comforter listed above might be too cold for you. That is a medium warmth comforter. If you need a extra warm down alternative comforter that is great for dealing with allergies, then this Superior brand model is perfect for you. It's another top selling comforter, bought and prised by thousands of customers.

This comforter is soft, easy to care for and has a very classic look. It's guaranteed by the manufacturer and has a quality baffle box construction. In other words is a great comforter.

It can be very difficult to find a warm comforter if you have allergies. Down is the warmest comforter material. But those of us with allergies should avoid down. This Superior brand down alternative comforter is thick and warm and is a great substitute for warm down comforters. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic comforter that will keep you warm through winter, this is the one for you.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This anti-allergy comforter is specially designed to mimic goose down. Goose down is the ultimate type of luxury down material. Unlike goose down, this material is 100-percent hypo-allergenic and allergy free.

This comforter is extremely sturdy. It is machine washable and is great for college students, kids, or others who normally wear and tear at their bedding. This comforter is built to last a long time. That being said, it's still soft to the touch and remains fluffy for years.

This is the comforter you should get for anyone who has a tendency to be rough on their bedding.

KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

This is another top selling down alternative comforter. While most comforter brands look at the queen size as their main selling product, KingLinen looks at king size beds as their main market. They focus on the king size first, and then design the other sized bedding after. This is a reversal of many other bands who first come up with a design for their queen sized comforters and then create a king size as an afterthought.

If you own a king sized bed and want an allergy free night, this is a great choice. This is a high quality white down alternative comforter that is perfect at all sizes, but specifically designed for king beds.

This comforter is a great value for the price and will last a long time.