Tips On Choosing A Great Down Comforter


Down comforters are great. They are luxurious and warm and provide great quality. However, not all down comforters are created equal. This is a list of the top ways to ensure you get a great quality down comforter. For more information on getting the best down comforter, see the complete down comforter guide.

The Fill Power

The fill power of the down used will tell you how warm your comforter will be. The higher the fill, the warmer and fluffier a single ounce of down is. An average fill power is somewhere around 600. Above 600 tends to create more warmth and more fluff with less weight. Reversely, comforters with fill power under 600 need more weight to create the same amount of warmth.

The Weight Of The Comforter

Most down buying guides focus only on the fill power. This is a huge mistake. You need to look at the fill power, plus the weight of the comforter to see exactly how warm a comforter will be. An ounce of 800 fill power down will not be as warm as two ounces of 600 fill power down.

The weight of a comforter will not only help you see how warm the comforter will be. It also tells you how heavy the comforter is. Some people prefer to sleep under heavier covers, while others like less heavy covers.

Remember, that you should look at a combination of fill power and weight. If, for example, you are a warm sleeper, but also like to sleep under heavier covers, then a down comforter with low fill power and higher weight will be better for you than one with high fill power.

Down Color Doesn't Matter

Some down feathers come in white and some come in gray. This does not affect the quality of the down at all. It is just like chicken eggs. Some are brown and some are white, but the flavor and quality does not change based on the color.

Don't Worry About Thread Count

A down comforter should be kept in a duvet cover. Because of this, don't worry about the thread count of the outer shell material of your comforter. You do not need soft material, as this will not be touching your skin. Instead, focus on the thread count of your duvet cover.

For a comforter, if the thread count is too high, the outer layer might be too delicate to last. A good comforter should last at least a decade, if not longer.

Goose v. Duck

Goose down tends to be of higher quality than duck down. They are both very warm, but goose down tends to be more breathable. That being said, high quality duck down will make a higher quality comforter than a low-grade goose down.

When in doubt, go with goose, but don't get a comforter just because it is goose.

Feathers Are Not Down

A feather and a piece of down are not the same thing. They do not have the same qualities and a comforter containing a down and feather mixture will have a lower quality than one that is pure down. If you want high quality, look for pure down.

Add Some Down Pillows

A down comforter is great, but a down comforter combined with a pair of soft down pillows is a life-changer. If you are getting a down comforter, get some down pillows to go with it.