Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Comforter Review

Fresh Ideas Wool Comforter

The Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Comforter is a best selling item on Amazon. But is this wool comforter really worth buying? We did the research for you. Read our honest review of Fresh Idea's wool comforter and see if it's a comforter that would help you sleep better.

Characteristics Of A Good Wool Comforter

The Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Comforter is a high quality wool comforter. Quality wool comforters share some common characteristics.

When you buy a 100% wool comforter you are buying a product that is naturally hypoallergenic. Wool is one of the natural bedding materials that is resistant to mites, dust and other impurities that cause allergies, sneezing, rashes and other discomfort for those who are sensitive to their surroundings. If you have tried a down comforter and found yourself sneezing and coughing most of the night, a wool comforter is going to be a great investment.

Along with being hypoallergenic, wool is naturally moisture wicking. It does a great job of letting moisture pass though it. A cheap polyester comforter can leave you sweaty and wet. Waking up to find that pajamas are soaked in sweat is a disgusting feeling. Naturally breathable materials such as wool avoid this problem by wicking away the moisture your body naturally produces throughout the night.

Wool has an extra benefit of staying warm when wet so if you are a heavy sweater, wool will keep you warm even as your body releases moisture.

Australian Wool is one of the highest quality wools available.

Added Benefits Of The Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Comforter

Not all wool comforters are made with equal quality. This Fresh Ideas comforter is a high quality comforter that has a number of added features and bonuses that not all wool comforters have.

This comforter is machine washable. We're all busy people and no one wants to have to dry clean a comforter if it can be avoided. This comforter is durable enough that you can wash it in a regular washing machine. Machine washable comforters save you time and money.

This wool comforter has a box-stitch quilted design, holding the wool in place. This type of box-stitch design is popular among down comforters, because the down tends to shift around a lot. Wool is less prone to shifting around, but it does happen. A un-quilted comforter could lead to areas where the filling of the comforter has shifted, leaving cold and warm sports on the comforter. The Fresh Ideas comforter avoids this by keeping all the wool filling evenly distributed. There will not be any cold spots on this comforter.

The shell for this comforter is 100% cotton. Cotton is another natural material that shares a lot of wool's positive characteristics. Because they share a lot of common characteristics, cotton is a great material for a wool comforter shell. Wool is naturally a bit rough and can scratch your skin. A wool comforter should be surrounded in a soft cotton shell to avoid irritating your skin. This comforter uses a quality cotton shell to give you maximum comfort.

Other Considerations

One important thing to know is that wool tends to be a heavy bedding material. This comforter weight a but under ten pounds. If you are the type of person who wants a light and fluffy comforter, this wool comforter is probably not the best choice you can make.

This comforter can be used year-round in most places. Though this comforter does a good job of wicking moisture and naturally adjusting to your body heat, it may be a bit too warm for really hot bedrooms. That being said, wool is naturally able to adjust to your body's temperature. Wool is able to regulate the temperature to never be too warm or too cold.

This comforter has an "Amazon's Choice" rating, meaning that it is highly rated and well priced.


The Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Comforter is a high quality wool comforter. It has all the benefits of a good wool comforter, along with some extra benefits, such as the quilted cotton shell. We recommend this comforter for anyone other than those who need a very lightweight comforter or a very cool comforter.

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