Top Rated 100% Cotton High Thread Count Duvet Covers Of 2017

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A great comforter is important in a good nights sleep, but a high quality duvet cover is just as important and often overlooked. Many bedding guides focus on the mattress and the comforter, but barely mention the sheets and the duvet cover. Yet it is the sheets and the duvet cover which are going to be touching your body. If you have a rough, low thread count duvet cover, your skin will be irritated and your bed will be slightly more comfortable than sandpaper.

Duvet covers are needed to protect your comforter. They wrap around your comforter, keeping it safe, snug and clean. Washing a comforter can be very difficult, especially if it needs to be dry cleaned. A good duvet cover can be thrown into a washing machine without any problems.

Duvet covers also offer you the ability to change and mix up the way your bedroom looks without having to buy a whole new comforter. It is the duvet cover that is visible on your bed.

To ensure you get a great night's sleep you need a high thread count duvet cover. A high thread count provides softness and smoothness. It is pleasant to the touch and you will enjoy sleeping under one. Your skin will thank you for not irritating it in the same way as cheap duvet covers do.

Be aware that the thread count of a duvet cover is not the only aspect of a high quality duvet cover. There are high thread count duvet covers which are lower quality. These are cheaper and are able to attain a high thread count by sacrificing the durability of the duvet cover. A cheap duvet cover with a high thread count will not be durable and will likely tear soon after you begin to use it. If you want a long lasting duvet cover you will need to find one that has a high thread count while still being durable.

Cotton v Polyester

Also be aware that some companies attempt to deceive consumers by putting a thread count on their non-cotton duvet covers. Cotton is the best choice for a high quality duvet cover. Cotton duvet covers allow the easy passage of air, wicks away moisture and softness and coolness against the skin. Polyester can trap air and moisture, leading to overheating, seating and discomfort. Be aware that thread count for polyester and other artificial materials is not the same as a thread count for cotton.

Cotton is also easier to clean than synthetic materials. Stains are more difficult to remove from polyester. Synthetic materials are also more likely to pill over time.

For those with very sensitive skin, polyester is more likely to irritate the skin than cotton.

Polyester duvet covers do have benefits though. They are cheaper, highly durable and do not wrinkle as much as cotton.

Other companies offer a cotton-polyester blend which allows them to create a duvet cover with a very high thread count. A cotton-poly blend is not going to have the same characteristics of a 100% cotton duvet cover. A cotton-poly blend will be more durable than a 100% cotton duvet cover. Polyester is more durable than cotton. This allows these companies to create a higher thread count at a cheaper price. These blends have a mix of characteristics of both cotton and polyester.

A 100% cotton duvet cover is going to be the most superior product. It will feel the best on your skin, it will provide the best nights sleep by allowing moisture and heat to easily pass through it and it will be the easiest to clean. Some people may think they want polyester duvet covers if it is warmer. This is a mistake. It is the duvet/comforter not the duvet cover that should provide warmth. A good comforter should provide all the warmth that is needed.

This list provides you with the best high thread count 100% cotton duvet covers of 2017.

1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover by ExceptionalSheets

100% Egyptian Cotton made in single ply yarns. This is the duvet cover to get if you are looking for a high thread count 100% cotton duvet cover. It includes 2 Standard pillowshams.

The cotton used in this product is Egyptian cotton. The difference between Egyptian cotton and other cottons is the length of the individual cotton thread. Egyptian cotton has threads that are twice as long as cheaper types of cotton. A long fiber produces greater durability and a strong type of material. There is less change for tearing. Longer strands also produce finer strands. The finer a strand is, the more soft it will feel.

This 100% Egyptian Cotton duvet cover also features a single ply. A ply measures how many fibers are used in each thread. The higher the ply, the more fibers are used. The more fibers that are used, the thicker the thread is.

A thinner thread is going to provide a higher thread count and a better drape. The single ply threads make this duvet cover softer and smoother on your skin.

The duvet uses button enclosures, which are more durable and comfortable than a zipper enclosure.

This ExceptionalSheets duvet cover comes in a range of colors, including white, ivory, red, and black.

The duvet cover is machine washable.

If you are looking for the best duvet cover of the year, this is the one.

Veratex 6-Piece 800 Thread Count Duvet Cover

If you are looking for a soft duvet cover, this is it. This duvet cover is 100% Egyptian cotton sateen. Sateen is a specific weave using spun yarns which leads to a softer sheen feel. Sateen sheets are a better choice for those with allergies, as the weave resists milder better than traditional weaves. Sateen weaves produce a more durable product than regular woven cotton.

This duvet cover set has a luxurios feel and thickness. Due to the weave, these will be thicker than other duvet covers.

This duvet cover set is made is the USA.

This 6-Piece Set Includes 2 Pillowcases, 2 Shams, a Fitted Sheet Sheet and a Duvet Cover.

Long-Staple Combed Cotton 650 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set

This is a duvet cover set made from 100% long-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton is a higher quality cotton than regular cotton. The shorter cotton fibers are removed, leaving a longer fiber average. A longer set of fibers creates a more durable product. Long-staple cotton will not have fibers as long as Egyptian cotton, but is definitely a step above regular cotton.

This 3-piece duvet cover set comes in a wide range of colors and a classic style.

The weave is sateen, producing a shiny and silky feel and look.

While this is not a top-of-the-line duvet cover, it is higher quality than most duvet covers on the market. The 650 thread count is great for most people, and the price is really worth it.

Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store Duvet Cover

If you are on a tight budget, this duvet cover might work for you. This also serves as a warning to those looking for a cheap high thread count duvet cover. This duvet cover set claims to be 800 thread, 100% Egyptian cotton.

The truth is, this is likely to be non-Egyptian cotton. And while the thread count may be high, the durability is going to be low. Cheaper high thread count duvet covers like this one are able to create a high thread count by sacrificing durability.

This is a good duvet cover for a guest room, or for somewhere that will not get frequent use. But if you are looking for a cotton duvet cover for every day use, either go with a lower thread count and higher durability, or spend the extra money and get one of the other duvet covers recommended on this list.