Honest Pure Beech Jersey Knit Comforter Review

Pure Beech is a high quality brand of bedding products, specializing in jersey knit weaves. This brand is usually sold by Bed Bath and Beyond, but can sometimes be found cheaper on Amazon. Are Pure Beech comforters and sheets a good value? Read one to find out.

First off, an introduction to jersey knit sheets. Jersey knit is not a material. It is a type of weave, most widely used for t-shirts. T-shirts are meant to be worn right next to the skin, originally as an undershirt. Because of this, they were made to be soft and gentle on the skin. What made t-shirts different from other shirts of the time is the way they were woven. They were made using a jersey knit. Other shirts of the time were more formal looking and more stiff. Definitely not as comfortable and t-shirts. So when you hear that something is made using a jersey knit, think of the shortness of a high quality t-shirt.

Because of this softness, jersey knit is great for comforters and bed sheets. It will make your bed feel extra soft and comfortable. This is a different kind of softness than silk or sateen, and a lot softer than traditional percale weave that you find on most bed sheets. Most sheets feel a bit stiff and wrinkle easily. Think of a formal dress shirt. Jersey sheets and like a t-shirt. Which would you rather sleep on?

Pure Beech specializes in jersey knit bedding. They make their products from European beech trees. They come in a number of nice colors, with Heather Grey being my favorite color. They quality of the stitching is greater. The comforters are warm enough for three seasons, but if you live somewhere with cold winters you will likely need something warmer.

The biggest downside to getting a Pure Beech comforter or bed sheets is the way they look. A t-shirt looks very different from a dress shirt. Pure Beech products also look very different from traditional bedding materials. Traditional bed sheets are firm and starchy. If you need that look, then a jersey knit sheet set is not for you.

Another note is that Bed Bath and Beyond tend to sell slightly pricier products than Amazon or other stores like Target. If you want to save some money and get a similar product, try searching for jersey knit bedding at these less-expensive retailers.

So, should you buy Pure Beech sheets or a Pure Beech comforter? Does the idea of sleeping on something extra soft appeal to you? If so, then yes, Pure Beech is a great purchase.