Puredown All Seasons White Down Comforter Review

puredown comforter

Puredown is a popular online seller of comforters and other bedding products. They only sell their products directly through Amazon. Their products include comforters, pillows, jackets and blankets. One of the highest selling products is a 600 fill power down comforter. This all seasons white down comforter is a great product and a top seller for good reason.

This comforter has a supurb price. It's hard to find an affordable down comforter, yet this one is exactly that. You get a comforter that is made from high quality white duck down. If you are curious to see why everyone loved down comforters so much, but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars, this is all season down comforter is a perfect choice.

You get all the benefits of a breathable, warm, comfortable down comforter, without having to mortgage your home.

This comforter is great for all seasons. This means it is breathable and lightweight enough to be used in summer and in fall. If you live in a really cold area though, an all-season comforter may be too cool for you. Though you may be able to add a blanket on top of this comforter and be OK. A queen sized comforter weights 32 ounces. A kin comes in at 42 ounces, while a twin is 28 ounces. The fill will keep you warm without being overweight.

This Puredown comforter comes with a smooth cotton outside cover. This 100% cotton cover is a natural, breathable material that will feel great against your skin.

My first impression of this down comforter was that it was thin. When I opened the package and started to fluff out the comforter it looked more like a down blanket. But after fluffing it for a bit the comforter gained more volume. It is still somewhat thin, but surprisingly warm. That is the beauty of down. It is the warmest comforter material known to man, so even a thin down comforter is able to keep me warm at night.

Segregated panels help the down fill from shifting around.

It might take a few days for the crisp cotton to soften up, but once it does this comforter is quiet, warm and lightweight.

When you buy the Puredown All Seasons White Down Comforter you are getting a great deal on a real down comforter. The price is amazing. It's the perfect comforter for anyone looking to see why down is such a prized comforter material. The comforter is durable, lightweight and warm. I would recommend this for anyone looking to give down a try.