What Do Two Twin Beds Equal? A Queen? A King?

Some people push two twin beds together in the hopes of making one larger bed. This can work for something things. It's especially good if there are two people who want to share a bed together but do not have a single large bed. For one person, the joint in the middle when the two twins connect might be annoying to sleep on.

Two twin beds will equal about 78 inches in width. This is a lot larger than a queen sized mattress, which is only 60 inches wide. A queen is also longer than a twin, so if you attempt to put a queen sized sheet onto two twin sized beds, you will have a situation where the sheets are too narrow, but also too long. They will not reach the sides of the beds but will hang over the food of the bed and pile onto the floor.

A king sheet or comforter works a bit better for covering two combined twin beds. A king mattress is 76 inches wide, which is just two inches more narrow than two combined twin mattresses. However, like the queen, the king is going to have an extra six inches of length. This might mean that the sheets or covers call over the foot of the bed.

King sized better is definitely your best bet when attempting to cover two joined twin beds/mattresses. Because a lot of bedding is not totally uniform in size, you can find slightly wider king bedding that should work great. Different brands will have slightly different widths.

The important thing to remember is that two twin beds add up to 78 inches in width.

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