White or Color Bed For AirBnB Host

A great AirBnB experience depends on how well the guest was able to sleep. For many guests, a AirBnB room is simply a place to store their stuff and lay their head down at night. All hosts try to create the most memorable and comfortable experience for their guests. A hosts top priority should be a clean, comfortable bed. AirBnB bedding is super important to getting good reviews.

The best AirBnB bedding is not always the most expensive. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to create a soft, welcoming experience for your guests.

A proper investment in a good AirBnB comforter, bed sheet and bedding will pay for itself from the positive reviews your AirBnB business receives.

One often overlooked aspect of the AirBnB bed is the color. The color of the bed and the sheets really does matter. Your guests might not ever mention the color of the bedding, but subconsciously, it is one of the most important things in a room.

Why AirBnB Bed Color Matters

The bed is where your guests will spend eight hours of their stay. It is important that they feel comfortable in the bed that you provide. Warmth, cleanliness and comforter are all important in a good AirBnB bed. But the color of the bed can affect how guests feel in the bed.

Colors have a strong effect on our psychology. They influence our thoughts and feelings in ways most people do not realize.

When a guest first sees the room they will be sleeping in, the bed is the first thing they notice. The bed color has a huge effect on their first impression of the room.

Though guests rarely praise or complain about the bed color, subconsciously it can alter their mindset.

White or Not?

A white bed and comforter is a classic hotel offering. With a white bed you know exactly how clean the sheets are going to be. This reassurance of cleanliness is what you are offering your guests when you use a white bed with white sheets. As an AirBnB host you have to convince your guests that the bed has been cleaned since your last guest. Hotels have house-cleaners that guests can see. You do not have a house-cleaner. The room itself has to prove that it is clean as soon as your guests arrive.

One of the biggest worries that AirBnB guests have is the cleanliness of the room they are staying in, and specifically how clean the bed is. Were the sheets washed since the last guest?

Subconsciously reassuring the guest by offering white sheets goes a long way. Crisp, clean white sheets are usually a great idea.

White bedding is also nice because it is easy to replace single pieces of the bedding and you can mix and match different sets of white bedding. The bedding that touches the human bod is going to wear out faster than the bedding that never touches the body. White allows you to easily replace only the worn down parts of the bedding.

White sheets mean that you can have multiple sets of sheets that you use on a bed meaning you do not have to do laundry every time a guest leaves.

When Color Bedding Is OK

A white bed is a classic hotel look, but as an AirBnB host you are not a hotel. You are different from a hotel and attempting to directly compete with a hotel is the wrong approach to running a successful AirBnB.

A colored bed is a good idea if the room you are renting out has a strong color and distinct style. Rooms with white walls should have white bedding. A room with bright yellow walls is going to look better with a matching bed.

Strong colored walls and colored bedding go well together. Use the bed to match the characteristics and colors of your room. A bed should match the style of the room it is in. Hotels are great at offering generic rooms. As an AirBnB host you should strive to offer a memorable room. Something unique. The right colored bed can help make your room unique and interesting.

Generally, don't use dark colors on your bed. Even if dark colors would match the rest of the room. This is because dark colors look like they may be hiding stains, dirt and grease. Even if your bed is clean, you need to avoid the subconscious connotations that people have with dark colored beds.

So in the end the question of what color bedding is right for your AriBnB room depends on what the room looks like. Match the style of the room, but stick with light colors. When in doubt, go with white.