Best Trump Pillows From The Election

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. This historic election had a large amount of Trump merchandise, including Trump pillows and pillow cases. These were created by Trump supporters and Trump opponents. Whatever your political point of view, these Trump pillows are likely to become memorable collectors items in the years to come.

This list of the best Trump pillows shows off all the different aspects of his 2016 presidential race.

Classic Trump For President

A simple, yet classic Trump for president pillow case. This is a great souvenir for anyone who supported Trump during the election.

Funny Trump Pillow

This pillow reads "TRUMP - The Mexicans Love Me". It's a funny pillow given Trumps vow to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Great for anyone who is celebrating the Trump presidential victory.

Classic American Trump Pillow

This is a great all-American Trump for president, 2016 pillow. It is a classy memento of the 2016 presidential victory. Historic and may be a collectors item in years to come.

Poo Poo Trump

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most divisive in US history. There was a lot of people who hated the idea of a Trump presidency. These people thought Trump had poop for brains. This pillow represents the opposition to Trump in one of its most vulgar forms. It shows a Trump head on top of a pile of poo. This pillow is a great gag gift for someone who supports Trump or is excited about the new president.

Hillary For Prison Pillow

Don't forget about Trump's opponent. Hillary clinton hoped to be the first woman president. Donald promised to arrest her when he became president. One of the most common chants that Trump supporters proclaimed during the election was that of "Hillary for Prison". This pillow case is made in the USA and a good gift for anyone who still believes Hillary should be sent to jail.